Aluminium components

We realise ideas made of aluminium - We manufacture components for architecture - Assemblies and aluminium components for the mechanical engineering sector. FORM + COLOUR + FUNCTION • All from one source! We transform your drawing into a machined and surface-refined finished product. From the individual part to high volumes. Find some examples here.

Aluminium hoodsAbdeckhauben

Eiffel Tower façadeadflkj

Showcase plinthsSockel

Metal façadeBlechfassade

Fixation + RailAbsturzsicherung

Metal façadeadflkj

Aluminium cabinadflkj

Glass railing corneradflkj

Aluminium coveradflkj

Tubular frameadflkj

Exhibition construction systemadflkj

Audio housingadflkj

Swivel footadflkj

Front coveradflkj

Aluminium ductadflkj




Audio boxadflkj

Cooling elementadflkj


Solar support systemsSolarmontagesystem